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December 1st, 2022 By Chase Hansen Cherry Creek Mortgage
2023 Loan Limits just Announced

New loan limits for 2023 are being announced, and I want to make sure you don't miss out on any information that can help your clients.

The updated limits for each loan program are listed below. Click on the links provided to view more details and search for limits by location to view the specific higher limits available in high-cost areas.

FHA 2023 Loan Limits

Baseline loan limit: $472,030

Ceiling limit for high-cost areas: $1,089,300

Click here to view FHA's announcement of the new limits

Click here to find the limits which apply to your specific area


2023 FHFA Conforming and VA Loan Limits

Baseline loan limit: $726,200

Ceiling limit for high-cost areas: $1,089,300

Although the VA eliminated loan limits effective in 2020, the VA follows loan limits set by the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) on conforming loans for VA-eligible borrowers with less-than-full (referred to as 'remaining') entitlement. There are no loan limits for Veterans and service members with full entitlement; however, they still must qualify for the requested loan amount based on their credit profile, income, and assets.

To view the 2023 Fannie and Freddie conforming loan limits for your specific county, please go to FHFA's website.


If you have any questions about how to help your clients maximize their buying power, please reach out to me today! I look forward to continuing to work together to help home buyers and home owners achieve their goals in 2023.
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November 17th, 2022 By Goody
Amazing Year End Deal Sun City Mesquite Bellwood
SUPER DEAL ALERT. Just in time for Black Friday. Thius is my favorite model. Sun City Management is looking for a quick year end sale and has given permission to sell this $626,983 brand new home for $486,923 with a possible forward commitment of 4.99% interest rate. It’s such an awesome investment. Please contact me for more info or to purchase this home. I will represent you in the purchase. This is in your best interest. Their sales team represents the seller, not you. Call me to discuss. 801.915.2398

Click the blue link below for a video tour.

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November 3rd, 2022 By Chase Hansen - Cherry Creek Mortgage
The Fed announced that the target range for the Federal Funds Rate is rising by 0.75%.
How does a Fed rate increase impact the economy?
  • The Fed has been raising rates in an effort to limit inflation.
  • Though a higher rate can make borrowing money more costly, it can increase returns on certificates of deposit and savings accounts, and drive a stronger U.S. dollar. What does this increase mean for homeowners and buyers?
Though mortgage rates have steadily risen over the last few months, it may still be a great time to consider:
  • Financing home renovations
  • Buying a new home and taking advantage of rising home inventories*
    • The tides started to turn in 2022... home buyer demand lessened, opening a window of opportunity for buyers. This led to some much-needed inventory gains, with for-sale housing rising annually for three straight months, according to*
  • Consolidating debt**
    • Since credit card interest rates are also increasing, this could be a good time to consolidate your debt into one affordable payment, thus skirting the more than 20% interest you may be paying with your credit card.
  • Funding major expenses (like college tuition)
  • Refinancing to eliminate mortgage insurance
Though the housing market and mortgage rates are both dynamic right now, I am always glad to assist with:
  • Assisting with Pre-Approvals and TRU Offer underwriting approvals
  • Reviewing how different mortgage programs can impact a budget
  • Setting home financing goals
  • Selecting the right program for a home buyer or home owner's needs
I am here to answer your questions about rates or home financing options - reach out today!

Chase Hansen

Loan Officer
NMLS #1321014

340 Falcon Ridge Pkwy Ste 100
Mesquite, NV 89027
Direct: (702) 345-2820

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November 2nd, 2022 By The Hill
Homebuyers want to move to these cities amid growing inflation: report
  • A quarter of U.S. homebuyers to looking for homes in a different metro, according to an analysis by the real estate company Redfin.

  • The top destinations are relatively affordable and sunny.

The analysis is based on nearly 2 million users who viewed for-sale homes online across more than 100 metro areas in the third quarter of 2022.

Las Vegas, San Diego and Tampa, Fla., closed out the top five places where Redfin users are looking to move, according to the analysis. Keep in mind that Mesquite mirrors the Las Vegas Vegas pretty much. So I think Mesquite will stay strong despite other areas seeing a decline in Home Buyers.
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October 21st, 2022 By Money Wise
Should I wait for real estate prices to plummet before buying a house? Here are 3 simple reasons why this housing downturn is nothing like 2008
Over two years in, this decade has already brought a global pandemic, record-setting inflation, rising interest rates and a country more divided than ever before.

So why not a housing crash too?

Americans who lived through the 2008 crisis may be watching the red-hot market starting to cool and getting flashbacks. And for prospective homeowners, it might be appealing to put your plans on pause until the market bottoms out so you can snag a house at a great price.

But experts say there are good reasons to believe that however this shakes out, it won’t be a return to 2008 — which will no doubt be a relief to anyone whose apple bottom jeans and boots with the fur have been long put away in storage.

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September 28th, 2022 By CNBC
Fed raises rates by another three-quarters of a percentage point, pledges more hikes to fight inflation
Key Points
  • The Federal Reserve raised benchmark interest rates by another three-quarters of a percentage point and indicated it will keep hiking well above the current level.
  • The central bank has been looking to bring down inflation, which is running near its highest levels since the early 1980s.
  • Fed officials signaled the intention of continuing to hike until the funds level hits a “terminal rate,” or end point, of 4.6% in 2023. That implies a quarter-point rate rise next year but no decreases.
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September 9th, 2022 By Virgin Vally Water District
Water Availability Update
For those of you concerned about the water shortages and cuts on the Colrado River system please read this article from the Virgin Vally Water District. I have been preaching the benefits of NOT being on the Colorado River system for years. Here is some interesting info.

Water Availability Status

Virgin Valley Water District – Water Availability Status

The extreme drought conditions that are plaguing the southwestern United States have been
making headlines around the country. The Colorado River and its tributaries are running at
historically low flows due to the lack of snow pack from last winter in Wyoming, Colorado, and
Utah. The two major water storage facilities on the Colorado River, Lake Mead and Lake Powell
are at historic low water levels. Yes, things are in dire shape for many communities, large and
small, in the southwest.
So what about Mesquite and Bunkerville? Fortunately, the Virgin Valley Water District (District)
does not depend on the Colorado River or its tributaries for our culinary water supply. The
District does own some shares in the Mesquite and Bunkerville Irrigation Companies that are
currently leased to local farmers, golf courses, and Southern Nevada Water Authority. Those
irrigation shares are on the Virgin River, a tributary of the Colorado River. One day when
needed, the District will utilize those Virgin River shares for culinary water needs. That is
planned to be in the 2030 timeframe.
In the meantime, the District currently provides water for residents and businesses in Mesquite
and Bunkerville from wells drilled deep into the aquifer below. The District currently has nine
operational wells with two more that have been drilled, but not equipped yet. The water from
the wells supplies sufficient water for the residential and commercial bathing, drinking,
irrigating, and cooking needs in the area. And due to historical conservation measures
implemented early in the residential growth years (desert landscaping, low flow plumbing
fixtures, smaller sized homes and building lots, 100% treated wastewater reuse for irrigation,
etc.), the residential metered use of 0.34 acre-feet per equivalent residential dwelling unit is on
par with many of the leading water conservation communities in the Southwest.
While we as a community overall are doing well, we can always improve, and we should. Things
such as reducing unnecessary turf, replacing high water need foliage with more drought
tolerant plants, being more efficient in outdoor watering, and making adjustments to indoor
water use are starting points.
So how is the health of the aquifer? The District has many groundwater monitoring wells
throughout the valley to determine if the aquifer is being stressed. The District monitors the
wells on a monthly basis. Based on the current pumping rate (the District pumps about 7,000
acre-feet of water per year), the aquifer’s static water level has not appreciably changed over
the past several decades. In addition to the groundwater monitoring wells, the District has
multiple remote mountain peak precipitation gages to monitor precipitation levels. Ultimately,
the precipitation received in the surrounding mountains (snow or rain) becomes the water that
recharges our aquifer.
The District is in the process of performing a Perennial Yield Study of the aquifer to improve on
several older studies to determine what the safe yield of the aquifer is. The results of the study
won’t be available until late 2024. Some existing studies indicate that there may be additional

groundwater that could be allocated to the District in the future for additional growth
Eventually the growth won’t be sustainable and will have to stop. Based on our Master Plan
(see Table 3-10 on page 3-10), the Virgin Valley’s population will eventually be between 50,000
– 70,000 residents. There are a variety of factors in play which is why there is such a large range
of low and high projections.
The bottom line is the Virgin Valley Water District is in great shape to deal with the drought,
climate change, and growth for the foreseeable future. The District will continue to be vigilant
in monitoring the aquifer levels and precipitation amounts, and when necessary, advise the
local planning authorities when the need to curtail growth should happen.

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August 25th, 2022 By RV
Excerpts from RV Magazine Article
"Mesquite is the fastest-growing city in Nevada, so we hear. It is a small town with an old-Vegas vibe that is booming as retirees and second-home seekers are moving here in droves. Online articles say that people move to Mesquite for more than 300 days of sunshine, low crime rates, and the proximity to many great state and national parks.The biggest sign that we were meant to be here is the relaxing sense of calm we feel here. Perhaps it is from the surrounding mountain ranges, and the mountains I see from my back porch and living room windows that I can’t keep my eyes off. Whatever it is, I’m here for it and embracing this new, simpler lifestyle. It should be no surprise that it has already piqued the interest of several friends and family members." Call Goody for your personal tour and to get more information on this hidden gem of a town.
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August 25th, 2022 By Deseret News
Why the housing market is in recession in terms of sales " but not prices
“We’re witnessing a housing recession in terms of declining home sales and homebuilding. However, it’s not a recession in home prices. Inventory remains tight and prices continue to rise nationally with nearly 40% of homes still commanding the full list price,” “It’s an exciting time to be a homebuyer. For the first time in years, we’re seeing sustained inventory gains and the slowing of home price appreciation,” Bailey said. “The market is rebalancing after favoring sellers for so long. There’s still ground to make up with new construction, but the change in recent months has brought some much needed relief to buyers.” There’s good news for sellers, too. “A calming market doesn’t mean a stoppage — and there are plenty of benefits to being on that side of the equation.”This means Nevada’s home prices are beginning to “stabilize,” It’s actually welcome news in a housing market that’s been battering homebuyers, “After two years of a frenzied market with multiple offers tens of thousands of dollars above asking price, Utah’s real estate market is approaching normalcy,” 
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August 3rd, 2022 By Cherry Creek Mortgage
August Interest Rate Recap. July Rates down by as much as 1%.
Click the below link for a quick video recap
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