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Make a
Even though it is a buyers market in most areas, when you are making an offer on a home, it's always good to make your offer as "clean" as possible, especially if you've fallen in love with a particular home and do not want to lose it to another buyer.
A clean offer is about the terms of the agreement.  For example, if you are paying with cash or have a pre-approval letter from your lender, your offer will be much more attractive to the seller.  Also if your purchase isn't contingent upon the sale of another home, the closing dates work with the sellers needs and you don't ask for a lot of unusual repairs, then you have an offer that can't be resisted.
A clean offer will be more attractive to a seller, even if you are offering less money than your competition.  In the end, a clean offer can save you more money and time, and give you that extra edge at the bargaining table.